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What can we do when our destiny slips away from our hands? When we stumble, when our life lingers on a road we didn’t draw. When we fall, when we found ourselves lost, strangers to our own souls, when we seem to have forgotten who we are.
To wake up from a deep sleep and not to recognize ourselves any more, to wonder, even, if we have known some day who we were, and if we will know some day. To open our eyes and contemplate the unveiled face of lie.

“Destiny”, is an unanswered questionning, and yet. During the journey, we realise the answer doesn’t matter that much. To wake up is the beginning. As for the end, we have to write it for ourselves.

❂❂ [ HESTYA – DESTINY ] ❂❂

01. Destiny
w/ Maggy Lemoine

02. Father
w/ Ahih Jaihi & Graziella Cortine

03.Incredible Feeling
w/ Ahih Jaihi & Maggy Lemoine

w/ Ahih Jaihi & Graziella Cortine

05.Life After Death
w/ Ahih Jaihi

06.Sorry Mum and Dad
w/ Graziella Cortine

07.Rest In Pleasure
w/ Ahih Jaihi

08.Le pouvoir de l’intention
w/ Graziella Cortine

Bonus Track :
09. Confined Love
w/ Justine Gerland – Arrangement : Nicolas Desoutter

🎚️Mix & Master : Neuromotor
🎨 Artwork : GenderFluid

© YAZ records 2021


paru le 18 juin 2021