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With the release of its first compilation ALL.GENDERS.ARE.BEAUTIFUL (A.G.A.B), the music label YAZ Records reignite its devotion to the diversity of soundscapes. This compilation engages in a wide range of different musical genres.

A.G.A.B is a title that mirrors the stage name of its creator, Dj Gender Fluid. The Moroccan Dj manages to juggle many musical genres: hip-hop, techno music, trance music, and many others… One would expect the collection of tracks to drifts into chaos, and yet, it makes sense out of this chaos bringing it all back together. From this, emerges a beautifully fluid music dwelling somewhere between a certain harmony and ethereal sound.

The acronym A.G.A.B is a cry of peaceful resistance in the face of a system that rejects the difference of the Other. A cry, yes, but a cry of beauty to embrace alterity. It’s a call to find love amidst hatred.

This collection assembles the tracks of many friend musicians, but also of some artists that have been discovered during the parties held by Dj Gender Fluid. The goal is to introduce to the world a whole panel of new projects to come, in partnership with YAZ Records.

🎨 The cover was realized by the committed feminist Morrocan illustrator Zainab Fasiki.

🎚️ Mastering : Neuromotor
📅 Release Date : May 21, 2021