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Music, at it’s best, mesmerises and unites people and speaks across all boundaries of limited human communication. When music is created for everyone it ‘belongs’ to everyone. I don’t think defining a style is relevant: there is chosen tempo, mass, frequency and how one loves something, that can eventually never be defined, finished or perfect.
Thats how hybrids are born and music and art keeps on progressing.


‘The Source’ was created in an Exceptional time. Roughly in a year when Tellus had ‘viral warning’, shockingly unraveling the immensity and dangers of inability to see, ‘to be aware’. To empathise, among everyone, ‘the ruling class’ as well as ‘grassroots’ is inevitable… Hence oppression and what we could call World War III is about to be unraveling. The war against ignorance. I have been touching these issues in all my recent artistic workss We are lucky to have lived through time, which let us seek truths inside, deepen friendships and enabled collaborations between me and my dear brothers: Moroccan Taha El Adel aka Achille Sehne and Sweet Dreams Records (Dream Crew / Primitif festival), that led on path to Amine Taher aka Gender Fluid and YAZ records, now my honour is to be their first released artist.

These tunes are channeled and studio recorded in collaboration with the Finnish anthropologist, and percussionist of famous Jazz & Fusion Band ‘Rinneradio’ of Tapani Rinne, and Don Johnson Big Band: Juuso Hannukainen.

Special thanks to Regan Tuladhar, Nepali Hendrix, for guitar impro on 06 Kreissaege.
It’s actually the longest path I’ve taken, to become an artist, creating my own style. Who know me well call it ‘Minimal and Goan’ -maybe because I come from the promised land of (Acid) Techno, Suomi sound and Psychedelia -Finland.
Thank you for everyone who are with me, stay on the level !



🎨 ArtWork : Sini

🎚️ Mastering :
Digital X (1-2-3-4-7-9-10)
Dissociactive (5-6-8)